How To Unversion A TortoiseSVN Folder

Sharing a fun little hack I just discovered!

When trying to unversion a TortoiseSVN folder, we can do it in two ways:
1. Iterate recursively over folders and subfolders to remove the .svn folder, OR:
2. Right-click on a working copy and choose “Export…” from the context menu. When asked to choose a library, select the same library as the working copy.

This will overwrite the versioned copy with a clean, unversioned one, effectively unversioning the project!

More details at the TortoiseSVN site


Django Dynamic Formset JQuery Library

Django Dynamic Formset JQuery Library

I spent a while searching for a code snippet that would allow the user to dynamically add fields to a form. For instance, if you want to enter several individual items, but don’t know in advance how many…

The perfect snippet eventually led me to a full-fledged jQuery library, for Javascript over Django. Check it out!