The thing with learning to code on a need-to-know-basis, it comes with an awful lot of stuff which I thought I didn’t need to know – but it seems that I did. So this is where I store it. Who knows, somebody might actually end up using it 😀


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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for your notes on the doc generation using Sphinx. I have a couple of questions. I’m still trying to make it work with my project and running into troubles. So I thought of asking you.
    My project has many modules and lots of scripts. The directory structure looks something like this:
    |- Mbd.py
    – Adm.py
    – Writer.Py
    |- doc
    – (this is where I’m running the Sphinx make).

    My question is: how do I tell Sphinx that the code is distributed from the top level? What are the content of the code.rst file?
    It seems that code.rst references a python script. What if I have multiple scripts ?
    What should my ..automodule content be?
    .. automodule:: ????

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